Website Design & Development

One of your marketing team’s hardest workers is your website, but does it fulfill its task?


Website  Development have changed how many businesses work esp. in our digital times, so whether you’re a solopreneur or a small business looking to leave a mark, a decent website will be at the heart of it. Therefore, you will need to have proper web design and web development to ensure the betterment of your business through your website’s performance overall.






We are very enthusiastic to restructure your current website into something that more accurately conveys your digital perspective.


Let us keep moving forward together, regardless of where you are in the game.



WordPress Website Process

Meet & Learn

After accepting the Revelation Survey from you, we are going start examining and fleshing out all subtle elements of your venture. This makes a difference us to supply you with a nitty gritty venture arrange and your venture assess.

Discuss Project Details

We start each site venture by having you total a Revelation Survey to assist us understand what precisely you’re considering. Appear us websites that rouses you, give us along with your trade goals, so able to create and execute your personalized technique. In the event that you’re neighborhood within the Lafayette zone, we cherish to meet you in individual.

Submit Proposal

After we have a extraordinary understanding of what the venture needs are, we get ready a proposition for your endorsement. The proposition will capture specialized prerequisites, venture scope, and costs. The proposition can be upgraded as and when the require emerges amid the course of the extend.

Project Plan

We are going create a extend arrange that account for errands for all stages of the venture. The arrange will appear you the venture begin and conclusion date, status, and the party/resource capable for each task. The extend arrange could be a living record that will be overhauled all through the course of the extend. We’ll moreover give you overhauls in our week after week status emails.


We start making your plan concept but to begin with sharing an beginning plan for your homepage. After the homepage plan endorsement, we are going continue to create two one of a kind insides plan pages.

This is done to guarantee that your vision is captured precisely how you picture it, and more.

Beta Site Development

Typically the portion we bring everything to life whereas you sit back and center on the arrange to announce your site to the world. We’ll be sending you week after week upgrades on how thing are advancing each Friday evening. Of course, we touch base in between that, on the off chance that we require clarity and choice from you.

User Testing

After our inner usefulness, browser and responsive testing, we are going deliver you access to your beta location so you’ll audit and give by and large input. We do this to create beyond any doubt the site plans and extend prerequisites have been met.


Last testing completed, and all bugs settled. We are prepared for lift off as all frameworks are prepared to go. Records and database will be sent to your live environment. In case preparing is required, it’ll be conducted here in conjunction with all extend documentations. Congrats once more on your unused site! Cheers to more trade development!

Post-launch Support

We are going assist you to keep your site up-to-date, oversee and keep up it for you while you focus on what truly things for your commerce. This is often the piece-of-mind stage